"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I could not say any other way - things I had no words for" Georgia O'Keefe 1938


500 Years of Historical American Art

For over 500 years, the earliest days of American history has been told through drawings, paintings and textiles. Pencil, charcoal pen, pastels, watercolors, oil and woven fiber.

Such drawings, paintings and textiles are of special importance to early American history because they were created by individuals that had first-hand experiences of significant events of accomplishment and adventures...

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On the Tow Path

Original Watercolor & Gouache
Matted & Framed, 14.50 X 21.50 inches

Jump Shooting

Original Watercolor
Matted & Framed 21.50 x 29.75 inches
Sewickley, ​PA 1982
Price: Please Inquire

Grouse Hunting

Original Watercolor
Matted & Framed 24.25 x 30.50 inches
Middleburg, VA 1986
Price : Please Inquire

Quiet Pool

Artist Proof Print
Chagrin River, Hunting Valley, Ohio
Original Painting In The Permanent Collection of the American Museum of Fly Fishing Manchester VT
Matted Price: $500.00

American Fly Fisher Magazine

Publication of the American Fly Fishing Museum Manchester, Vermont

Hunting Quail

Original Watercolor
Matted & Framed 18.50 x 29 inches
Louisville, Kentucky 1984, Exhibited: Butler Museum, Fifty Years of Art
Price : Please Inquire

Friend or Foe - Hunting Valley, Ohio

Original Watercolor
Matted & Framed 31 x 42 inches
Signed: l.l. Florian K. Lawton A.W.S.
Price: Please Inquire

Winter Pastel

Original Oil on Canvas
Hunting Valley, Ohio
Image Size: 14.25 x 18 inches
Signed: l.l. Florian K. Lawton
Price: Please Inquire

First Attraction

Original Watercolor
Image Size: 24.50 x 39.50 inches
Intercourse, PA Circa: 1990
Signed l.l. Florian K. Lawton A.W.S.
Permanent Collection: HIRAM COLLEGE   HIRAM, OHIO 2019

Old Timer's Auction

Original Graphite on d'Arches paper
Middlefield, Ohio Auction Barn
Matted & Framed 14.25 x 19.75 inches
Signed & Inscribed b.m. Florian K. Lawton
Price: $3,500.00

Sunday School Prayer

Original Watercolor & Gouache
Image Size: 13.75 x 20.50 inches
Signed & Inscribed l.m.
Lancaster, PA 1970. Published on the cover of American Artist, 1970
Price: Please Inquire

Discerning Gentleman

Original Ink, Graphite & Watercolor
Matted & Framed 15.25 x 8.50 inches
Middlefield, Ohio 1980
Price : $1,500.00

Natural Habitat

Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Image size: 30.75 X 41.50 inches
Circa: 2001 Signed: Lower Right,
Florian K. Lawton A.W.S.
Matted & Framed
Private Collection: Hunting Valley, Ohio
Price: Please Inquire

American Pastime

Artist Proof signed lower right: A/P Florian K. Lawton — 1 thru 10 are available
Limited Edition : 11 thru 100 Signed and numbered
Image size: 13.25h. X 30.50w. Inches
The artist created this painting in 1984, it represents the English influence on the Amish culture here in America
Original painting was donated by a private collector to the White House in 1999. A copy of the letter of acceptance and gratitude from President Clinton is included with both the Artist Proofs and Limited Edition prints.
These Prints are double matted — three inches wide and come shrink wrapped ready for framing or display.
$600.00 each for the Artist Proofs, that includes S&H
$250.00 each for the Limited Edition Prints, that includes S&H

Sugar House

Burton, Ohio
Original Watercolor
Image Size: 30.50 x 41.25 inches
Signed: l.r. Florian K. Lawton AWS
Circa: 1990
Museum Wood Mat & Framed
The Amish production of maple syrup over the last 25 years has made Ohio the number 3 maple sugar producer in the United States. Maple sugar production facilities like this are now rare in the 21st century, in rural, Northern Ohio. They still manage however, volume production during the short "run" of sap from the maple trees.
Provenance: Estate of the Artist
George & Gloria Kaull Cleveland, Ohio
PreMix Corporation, North Kingsville, Ohio
Florian K. Lawton Foundation
Accompanying this painting is a finely drawn graphite study by the artist. Image size is 9 x 11 inches & signed l.r. Florian K. Lawton
Price: Please Inquire

Winter Cabin

Hiram, Ohio
Artist Proof: signed by the artist l.l. Florian K. Lawton A/P in graphite
Image size: 13.50 x 20.25 inches
Created from his travels in rural America, the cabin has stood the test of time and remains an inspiration for all who happen upon it in the woods.
Prints are double matted and shrink wrapped, ready for your frame treatment. They include certification from the publisher at the time of their creation by the Artist
Price: $250.00 includes S&H

Stephen Frazee House

Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio
Artist Proof: One Available
Signed in the print l.l. by the artist:
Florian K. Lawton A/P in graphite
Image Size: 14.25 x 20.75 inches
This house, completed in 1827 served as a family Inn for travelers on Ohio & Erie Canal, which opened that same year.
Print is double matted & shrink wrapped, ready for your frame treatment.
Price: $300. 00 includes S&H

Sunrise Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor, Maine
Original Watercolor
Image Size: 10 x 14 inches
Signed: l.r. Florian K. Lawton and inscribed - Booth Bay Harbor, Maine August 20, 1976
Permanent Collection: URSULINE COLLEGE, PEPPER PIKE, OHIO 2021

Amish Auction & Parking Barn

Artist Proof signed lower right: A/P Florian K. Lawton
Image size: 16.50h. X 23w. Inches
Though not made as a book illustration, the technique of this drawing recalls the technique of American master illustrators of the turn of the 19th century, such as Howard Pyle. The pen work handles form in three ways: through lean and simple contour lines, through solid amassing of black and through passages of vibrant, dazzling hatching and cross hatching. An illustrator's master work
Original drawing is in the collection of the Geauga County Historical Society Burton, Ohio Eight Artist Proofs are available — they are double matted, three inches wide and come shrink wrapped, ready for framing or display
$350.00 each incl. S&H


DVD produced in association with Reda Productions, WLBT —TV Hershey PA and the Florian K. Lawton Foundation
Explore the world of the Amish through the eyes of America's leading art historian on their culture. The artist explains his early fascination with the Amish culture in the 1960's Listen to Noah Good — acclaimed scholar and published author on the Amish and Mennonite cultures both here in America and Europe. These men provide the viewer with an in depth overview on how and why things are done in these cultures and what makes their values different than the rest of the population here in America. Making clear — Why, they are Pioneers In A Modern World
$ 29.95 each plus

Florian K. Lawton Fifty Year Retrospective

Publication of the 2010 Exhibition of the artists work at the Butler Museum of American Art.
Curated by celebrated American Art Historian Dr. Henry Adams, Professor of American Art History, Case Western Reserve University Former Curator of American Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art & the Nelson Atkins Museum. Dr. Adams is quoted "often evidence of considerable virtuosity by the artist in his work, presented in understated mastery."
Both hard cover & soft available - signed & unsigned by the artist... prices differ, please inquire with interest